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Custom development

Custom development

We develop high-added-value applications for desktop, web and mobile devices, tailored to the specific requirements of our customers.
Web + e-Commerce

Web + e-Commerce

The web is our ultimate strength! Do you need a professional website, an online shop or a customized web application? We will implement it for you!


We provide comprehensive solutions to developing companies, by means of which they can achieve a higher degree of transparency, as well as more effective management and decision-making processes.
Online marketing

Online marketing

In order for a website to achieve its commercial purpose, it must constantly generate new customers. Our team can help you achieve this!

About us

Enetix Software Ltd. was established in 2006 in Miercurea Ciuc, in the central region of Romania, as a company providing high quality IT solutions and services. Taking advantage of the rapidly changing nature of the IT sector, we provide an extensive range of services and excellent professional skills in the development and programming of customized software, IT solutions for business, online business applications, websites, online stores, mobile applications, as well as IT-related consulting. Our own software products and services are distributed on both local and international markets.
The software developers and project managers in our team have carried out multiple IT projects at national and international levels. They offer innovative, flexible and results-oriented visions in addition to their extensive professional experience. We are able to carry out software solutions with high added value, by means of which our customers can extend their competitiveness and their success.
The mission of Enetix is to develop innovative solutions with exceptional added value and to provide all necessary support services, thus contributing to the development and guaranteed success of our customers. Our key values are accuracy, quality, flexibility and reliability.
The results of our successful and persistent work expressed in figures:

Successful Projects



  • C# / VB.Net
  • WinForms
  • WCF


  • Magento
  • Drupal
  • WordPress
  • Joomla!


  • iOS
  • Android
  • MoSync
  • PhoneGap

Java Script

  • Java Script
  • jQuery
  • WebGL


  • CSS 3.0
  • Bootstrap
  • LESS
  • Sass


  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL




Based on the customer's idea, we evaluate the possibilities and turn them into detailed concepts, by means of which the development process becomes predictable and costs can be estimated in advance.


Starting from the idea, we draw up the plan, where we identify the essential use cases, the basic services of the system, and build its architecture.


During this stage, we work on the full development of the program or the service, in collaboration and ongoing interaction with the customer, concluding this phase with thorough testing.


It is important that the deliverable software meets all quality indicators and requirements. On request, we also provide support in using the software/system, as well as regular maintenance.

Our services

You can find detailed information below on the wide range of software development services offered by Enetix:

  • Custom development
  • CRM implementation
  • ERP, management systems
  • Web design and development
  • Webshops
  • Mobile applications
  • Outsourcing
  • Online marketing
  • Hosting

Custom development

We create our software products for desktop, web and mobile devices based on the requirements received from our customers, following a carefully prepared system specification. During the entire development process, from design to implementation, we provide products with a transparent budget and predictable timeline.

We always select and apply the most appropriate technology or platform depending on the specifics of the customer and of the project. We also work with a variety of open-source software packages, ensuring the project's long-term sustainability and upgradeability. Every software solution created by us receives ongoing support and maintenance. Keeping in close contact with our clients, we work constantly for their satisfaction with the products ordered.

Over the years, we have gained significant experience in the execution of operational and business applications, web-based e-business & e-commerce solutions, as well as complex corporate web or desktop applications.

CRM implementation

Today, most smaller companies already have billing and accounting programs, whilst larger ones operate integrated management systems. These systems are related mainly to products, revenues and costs, but there is also a multitude of other important data and information received from customers, which are often not included in any unified system. A CRM serves this purpose, acting as a customer relationship management system, where information is stored in a single shared database, so that any employee concerned can access it at any given time.

SugarCRM CE, with millions of users, is an open source web application whose architecture we are very familiar with. We are able to customize it according to client requirements and to develop new and individualized modules and functions. Furthermore, we can make it generate specific reports, or even integrate it with ERP systems. Since it’s an optimized web application, its obvious advantage is that it can be accessed via the Internet from anywhere and from virtually any type of device.

With this solution, we provide our clients the opportunity to boost their business' sales efficiency, customer relations and marketing activity, as well as contribute to a more transparent workflow.

ERP, management systems

Accurate, up to date information can be a crucial factor for companies in maintaining and increasing their competitiveness, budget management, inventory tracking, economic indicator-analyses and also in strategic decision-making. This is the purpose of an integrated business management system, also known as ERP. As well as having a broad range of tools, it corresponds both formally and legally to national and international legal provisions currently in force. Over the years, we have taken part in the development and implementation of several specific systems for business management.

Our most significant system, which has been on the market for several years, is PIRO ERP. PIRO was designed for companies specialized in the production of jewelry, but can be applied equally well to other industries based on manual production processes.

Our newest product is the Prisma management system, which is a web-based IT solution aimed particularly at small and medium sized enterprises having multiple locations. With the help of Prisma and through the Internet one can track and analyze local data from any company location, cut costs related to on-site interventions and logistics, and improve the efficiency of the decision-making cycle by providing a comprehensive real - time view of inventories, payments or reports - in a word the entire company.

Web design and development

Due to the increasing popularity of the Internet, a powerful online presence has become of utmost importance for many individuals, businesses, institutions and non-profit organizations.

Web solutions constitute our ultimate strength; since our company was founded we have been providing high quality web development, dynamically adapting to latest trends and practices. We are aware that the online presence of our clients is often the key to the success of their businesses, therefore we pay special attention to the development of customized graphic projects and the design of user-friendly web pages, as well as to the use of the latest programming languages. In the design phase, we focus on achieving pages/interfaces that are optimized for mobile devices too, but also on selecting content management systems (CMS) that are robust and widespread, thus providing simple administration for anyone. In web development we always offer complete packages to our customers, including tailored graphic design, programming, domain name booking, uploading and formatting of content, search engine optimization (SEO), web hosting, subsequent maintenance and other developments.

Our portfolio features various corporate, administrative and e-commerce web pages.


Currently, small and medium enterprises focused on trade cannot afford to overlook internet sales . The internet offers a serious opportunity for the seller and the buyer to meet. Thus, products offered for sale can reach anywhere in the world, regardless of time zone or work schedule. Ultimately, it’s how well it’s done that really counts. Good webshop software has to take into consideration many technical, financial, logistic and marketing aspects to provide a buyer with a great online shopping experience.

Our company provides services and support in all aspects of the development of a company's online presence, including programming, creation of robust admin interfaces, integration of online payment features, search engine optimization, uploading of products and hosting. Multilanguage support and the multi-currency presentation of products is also possible, so a local business can easily find its place even on the international market. During the development process, in addition to our own eCubator platform, we also use Magento, WooCommerce and PrestaShop.

After the delivery, we support our customers by operating their webshop and providing expertise in online marketing, in order for them to get more orders and find satisfied customers.

Mobile applications

With the increasing use of smartphones, tablets and PDAs, a completely new mobile industry has emerged, and it is likely that in the near future this will integrate even more into people's everyday lives. Today, many companies and organizations present their products and services by developing their own mobile apps. These are gaining more and more ground in a wide range of sectors. Within a company, as a means of increasing effectiveness, they have a considerable role in making everyday tasks easier to carry out.

From concept to implementation, our company provides professional mobile application development services based on native platforms (Android and iOS) or cross-platforms (MoSync, PhoneGap). We have wide experience in developing functional applications, and taking advantage of the possibilities provided by the technology, we supply our customers with a final product that has high business value and quality.


Nearshore outsourcing is a process that has become increasingly popular among large IT companies. Many companies sometimes experience the need to enhance their technology or personnel, or of necessity must reduce their IT labor costs. For this purpose, a preferred target is the central Transylvanian region in Romania, where the local IT companies can provide more competitive prices than those in metropolitan areas. Given that Romania is in the European Union there are no legal, commercial or communication barriers to fruitful collaboration.

In our development centers located in Miercurea Ciuc and Sfântu Gheorghe, in addition to our multi-cultural approach, we provide a modern and flexible work environment. Our professionals participate in an ongoing training system, so that they are always ready for customer-friendly, transparent, long-distance work.

Our services are based on transparent and relatively low costs, reliable and long-term partnerships and high quality work carried out in an advantageous time zone.

Online marketing

The importance of online marketing has significantly increased in the last decade. In addition to traditional marketing tools, it increases the popularity of websites, products or services on the Internet. A well-prepared webshop cannot achieve its commercial purpose if there is no serious online marketing activity in the background. Backed up by years of experience, we carry out the online marketing of small and large web stores. Many transparent, predictable methods and tools exist to increase a website's exposure; by search engine optimization (SEO), Google AdWords and Facebook campaigns (to name but a few). We can ensure that the products, services and web pages of our customers are found easily by potential buyers.

During AdWords campaigns, we help our clients to find the most appropriate channels for advertisements, we determine the relevant keywords, we undertake the execution of ad texts, banners, in line with the formal requirements of any given ad interface, and we provide visitor statistics for efficiency tracking.


We recommend our hosting services (provided on our own servers in a New York-based Tier-1 data centre) for those customers for whom it is important that their data is stored in a stable, secure and fast environment with constant high-speed access for both domestic and foreign users.

We offer pre-configured web hosting at affordable prices for existing webpages or for those developed by us. On request, we operate SMTP, POP3 and IMAP mail servers and also undertake the purchase and configuration of domain names and the installation of content. For highly frequented websites that require major resources, we recommend our high-performance virtual servers (VPS) which are much more affordable than physical servers and are easier to scale in terms of capacity.

Security backups are made on a daily basis, thus we guarantee that information can be retrieved in case of a technical (hardware or software) failure or accidental deletion.


All our work is unique, but we would like to showcase some outstanding products, which we have created from scratch. These are continuously being developed further, based on feedback/requests from our customers, and in line with current trends.

  • Prisma
  • OptimEZ
  • eCubator


Our management system developed for small and medium-sized enterprises, which helps in inventory management, invoicing, tracking of payments, recording of products and customers, preparing various reports and other administrative tasks.

The system is based on web technologies, so in the case of companies with multiple locations the data stored in the central database is accessible from any of these locations via an internet connection, providing a real-time view on inventory, payments, reports, or even the entire company.

The program includes several configuration options by means of which it can cover the specific needs of companies active in different sectors.


This software is primarily of use for businesses that have an extensive network of agents, whose activities need to be scheduled ahead and tracked very precisely. The activity of the agents or even of the entire staff can be planned and tracked, broken down by days, hours, minutes, and to all activities one can assign: customers, locations, tasks, notes, documents, etc. These scheduled activities are displayed in a highly transparent manner, and can also be obtained in printed format. The activities can be tracked in terms of realization, as well as in terms of scheduled and effective time, thus the effectiveness of the agents or other staff members becomes measurable.

The system is based on web technologies, so it can be accessed from anywhere using a web browser (including mobile devices), which can be a significant advantage for those performing field work.

The system can be integrated with the company's ERP system, thus preventing data duplication (such as customers) by means of two-way synchronization.


Our proprietary eCubator system is an environment that can simultaneously support multiple web applications, even if these applications are of a different nature and have different goals. Of the possible configurations, the eCubator-based web applications can be configured as content-managed websites, e-commerce systems with online payment facilities and shopping carts, or other web applications that include customized logic.

The eCubator system is much more than a simple CMS system: it can be used as the backbone for any web-based system, providing flexible data management and a range of modules, from content management functions, the management of customer information and orders, to invoicing and even sending newsletters.


Please see below some examples of work from our web portfolio.

MPower Body Work .NET / eCubator
Agricultural Development Agency Harghita .NET / eCubator
Arch Moulding .NET / eCubator
Fenestela 68 .NET / eCubator
Romanian Icehockey Federation .NET / eCubator
Truffoir – The south east european truffle company .NET / eCubator
Koz-Service .NET / eCubator
Garden State Securities .NET / eCubator
Schulleri & associates law firm PHP / Wordpress
Palcaro .NET / eCubator
Dakota Security PHP / Wordpress
FairTools webshop Magento / PHP
ProdusePlastic webshop Magento / PHP
FunBike webshop .NET / eCubator
Walk in Ciuc virtually .NET / eCubator
Áprily Lajos Highschool .NET / eCubator
Association of entrepeneurs from Ciuc .NET / eCubator
Living Transylvania Association .NET / eCubator
Transylvanian Top 10 cities .NET / eCubator
Pension Lobogó PHP / Wordpress
Pension Zenit .NET / eCubator
Bibas Group .NET / eCubator
IT Plus Cluster Drupal / PHP
FK Csíkszereda PHP / Wordpress
Harviz Joomla / PHP
AC Lighting PHP / Wordpress
Best Cast .NET / eCubator
Carl Sylsvestre Consulting .NET / eCubator
Dobos photography .NET / eCubator
Detroit City .NET / eCubator
Frank Ridge Foundation eCubator / PHP
Gerkon .NET / eCubator
Guild For Early Music .NET / eCubator
Invioo .NET / eCubator
Lamontis Partners .NET / eCubator
Rita Lengyel .NET / eCubator
M. Grunberg Inc. PHP / Wordpress
Pimpimpáré .NET / eCubator
The Last Castrato show .NET / eCubator
Transylvania Top 10 .NET / eCubator
Undock webportal .NET / eCubator
Villatobagolf .NET / eCubator
West-Con Consulting .NET / eCubator Drupal / PHP Drupal / PHP
RomaniaRooms Drupal / PHP
Biofruct PHP / Wordpress
Caritas Drupal / PHP
Uniprest PHP / WooCommerce / Wordpress PHP / Wordpress
AquaEnergia Drupal / PHP
Jakab Antal PHP / Wordpress
iData PHP / Wordpress
UPS Distribution PHP / WooCommerce / Wordpress
Electromix Magento / PHP


Our team of experienced and highly qualified professionals has a multicultural attitude. Currently the team comprises 25 software developers, along with 10 other specialist colleagues - project managers, business analysts, customer support specialists and QA testers. Team members are constantly developing themselves to be able to meet the latest challenges in the industry and supply high quality IT products to our customers.

Co-Founder, CEO
System Architect
.NET developer
Project Manager
Lead Developer
Project Manager
.NET developer
Project Manager
Web developer
.NET Developer
Web Developer
Senior Developer
.NET Developer
Senior Developer
Web Developer
Office Manager
Web Developer
Senior Developer
Mobile Developer
.NET Developer
Web Designer & Developer
Continuous Integration
Marketing Manager
QA Manager
Project Manager
Web Developer
Infrastructure Manager
Operations Assistant
Project Manager
Business Analyst
Junior Project Manager
Junior Developer
Customer Support
Customer Support
.NET Developer
Junior Developer
Junior Developer
Junior Developer
Manager Assistant
Junior Developer
Junior Web Developer
Marketing Assistant
Customer Support
Junior Tester
Junior Developer
Junior Developer
Customer Support

Our company is continuously growing thanks to the number of job requests we receive. For this reason, we would like to expand our team with new collaborators. We are seeking colleagues who already have experience in certain specialities, are keen to learn something new every day and wish to become even better at what they do by participating in projects. Beside professional experience, the skills of the ideal candidate are: attention to detail, good communication skills and aspiration towards excellence. Our young and energetic team does not suffer from lack of motivation, and our products and services are appreciated both at home and abroad. Become a member of the Enetix team!
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